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Jolly Roger - Some of the fish you may catch are Snapper, Grouper, Triggerfish, Porgy and Jacks, just to name a few. Each of these fish is fun to catch and will put up quite a fight. You will certainly remember the experience. Of course, we do encourage the release of all fish.

Our private charter fishing trips are for those persons wishing to land the really big fish, which swim beneath the crystal clear waters of Bermuda. Again, all bait and tackle is included for your convenience, plus you have the option to keep your catch, if you wish. The larger catch may include Tuna and Wahoo so be prepared to go the distance with these great fighting fish.

Overproof Charter Fishing and Captain Peter Rans, would like to invite you to come and fish with us in Bermuda in 2009, home of the world's best sport fishing. In Bermuda, you will find that Atlantic Blue Marlin run on average over 450lbs with many granders being caught over the past few years. You will also find white marlin, Wahoo, yellowfin tuna, bonita, amber and barracuda to be plentiful. Overproof clients have enthusiastically caught Marlin that were in excess of 700lbs (our biggest being 906lbs). Our turquoise waters offer some of the best fishing in the Atlantic.

Playmate Charters - The official fishing season, as advertised by the Department of Tourism, is May through November. However, Playmate will fish all year long, weather permitting. Bermuda is in the path of the migrating pattern for large schools of Tuna and Wahoo. Some of the best fishing can be found in the off season months.

There are over 27 varieties of game fish in the Bermuda waters. Those commonly caught are: Blue & White Marlin, Yellow & Black Fin Tuna, Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), Wahoo, Great Barracuda, Amberjack and Shark (including huge Tiger Shark), during August and September.

What's Biting and When

Our season usually heats up in late March through April, with Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna and Wahoo being the main targets.

May, the really large Yellowfin, up to 100lbs, appear and we fish with light stand-up tackle while chumming or chunking. The Wahoo are still plentiful and will invade our chum lines while we fish for the Tuna. The Blue and White Marlin start to appear now, as they are feeding on the Tuna.

June, July and August is prime time Blue Marlin fishing, with good White Marlin, Tuna and Wahoo action as well. Fish around the full moon for the best Marlin bites. Other species that please now are Almaco Jacks, the Great Amberjack, Rainbow Runners, Great Barracuda, Mahi Mahi dolphin fish and Sharks of several species.

September, October and November has lots of Wahoo for the fall run as the sport moves into our live baiting season. We use 1 to 2lb Bonito and troll these at 2 to 5 knots with 30 to 50lb tackle. There are lots of multiple hookups that also include Yellowfin Tuna, Billfish and a host of other predators waiting to steal the bait.

December to March: Our season slows down a little during this time. The Billfish have moved on, the Wahoo and Tuna will still be in the waters, but the weather is usually unpredictable. However, we get some really super days right in the middle of fronts moving across the island.

Call us, at the start of your vacation, so we can advise you which days look the best to try and book a trip on the Playmate. We support Tag & Release programs for Tuna and Billfish and many of our tags have been returned. Some recent tag recaptures were a 10lb Yellowfin Tuna, tagged by us and recaptured 605 days later, in Puerto Rico, at 36lb.

Also, an 8lb Yellowfin Tuna was recaptured in the Cape Hatteras area at 35lb, after 545 days at large. A Blue Shark, tagged by us in June 2000 was caught, by a longliner, 278 miles SW of Faial Azores in February 2001 - 228 days at liberty and 1603 miles from Bermuda.

Reel Addiction - There are plenty of game fish to be caught off the coast, with two banks offering premium Wahoo and Tuna fishing, and coral reefs that are home to Snappers, Bonita, Rainbow Runners and a host of other species.

Tuna are caught throughout the year, with the greatest numbers being recorded in the Fall and Spring. The Marlin (pictured) begin to arrive after the Spring and are undeniably one of the most impressive catches, whilst the Wahoo run usually sometime in June and bite throughout the Summer.

There are always fish to be caught in Bermuda during Spring, Summer, Fall or even Winter, Reel Addiction is always ready for the big catch.

Reel Hot Charters - Here in Bermuda, we are lucky enough to fish year round. There can be nasty gales in January and February but some beautiful 75 degree days with light winds and seas as well.

Wahoo is caught throughout the year, although definitely in greater numbers for their spring and fall runs! Tuna show up in the early spring and if its marlin action you want- late June through early September is best.

Mahi-mahi, rockfish/grouper, barracuda, amberjacks and many other species are always found in our waters so don't feel limited to the hot summer months if you're looking for a good day of fishing.

Shake Down Charters - Captain Bounce and the crew welcome you aboard "Shake Down". Our 33 foot Young Brothers boat guarantees that you will have a comfortable day of fishing. This third generation fisherman who has 12 years as a Licensed Captain will take you where the big ones are biting. Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and, of course, if you want to go for the big boys, Marlin.

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