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Grand Cayman SCUBA DivingGrand Cayman Scuba Diving

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Come face to face with exotic tropical fish and spectacular marine life on an one or two tank Scuba diving experience. Discover the friendly stingrays, manta rays, tarpons and eels that have made diving in Cayman legendary.

With 6 full service dive and watersports facilities island-wide, you will dive with highly trained and experienced instructors who come from all over the world to dive the spectacular walls of Grand Cayman.

Famous for professionalism and service, your diving adventure includes custom-built boats and equipment with highly trained instructors to give you the best diving Grand Cayman has to offer.

Choose from

One Tank Dive: buddy teams dive a shallow west side reef or wreck to 50 feet for 40 minutes.

Two Tank Dive: first dive is an instructor-led 20-miute wall dive to 100 feet. Divers also have the option of a shallower profile to 70 feet for 30 minutes. Second dive is buddy teams to a shallow west side reef or wreck to 50 feet for 40 minutes.

Please Note

Junior divers (ages 10 and 11 yrs. old) are not allowed on the two tank dives, as they are limited to a 40-foot (12 meter) depth. They are welcome to participate in the one tank dive

All certified divers MUST have dove within the last two years and will be required to present their certification card upon check-in

Departure Point: Tour departs from Seven Mile Beach hotels or from the Safehaven Dock.

Departure Times
One tank dive: 2:00pm
Two tank dive: 8:30am

Grand Cayman Stingray City Snorkel Lunch SailGrand Cayman Stingray City Snorkel Lunch Sail

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Snorkel and play with Cayman's amazing southern stingrays at the famous Stingray City.

Sail on a luxury catamaran through the turquoise waters and get up close to the colorful marine life. Then soak up the sun while you enjoy a tasty deli style lunch and drink from the bar.

Welcome to the inviting waters and white sand beaches of Grand Cayman. Enjoy the beautiful warm days and nights in this exotic paradise. Grand Cayman is the best known dive destination in the Caribbean, if not the world. The water is warm and crystal clear year round. There are stretches of magnificent, unspoiled coral reefs, schools of colorful and friendly fish, spectacular shipwrecks, vertical walls and dramatic underwater drop-offs.

There is no better way to discover this amazing underwater world. This half-day excursion includes two snorkel stops and a tasty buffet lunch. You will be taken to famous Stingray City, where you can snorkel in 12 feet of water and play with some of Cayman's fascinating stingrays. Discover the spectacular coral and friendly fish found in a shallow reef during your second snorkel stop.

Work up an appetite for a delicious deli-style lunch and enjoy a full cash bar aboard. Snorkel equipment is included and lessons are available. The catamaran is approximately 65' long and features plenty of cabin space, trampoline nets for sunbathing, ample shade, restroom facilities and a friendly crew.

This Cayman Islands' adventure allows you to enjoy a tasty lunch and exciting water activities as never before. For an unforgettable day spend with friendly marine life, add this excursion to your Cayman Islands itinerary now.

Departure Point: Tour departs from Safehaven Dock

Departure Time: 9 am
Return Details: Returns to original departure point at approximately 1 pm

Grand Cayman Stingray City DiveGrand Cayman Stingray City Dive

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Visit famous Stingray City and feed, pet and play with the friendly southern stingrays. This area is renowned all over the world its abundant wildlife and shallow waters these gentle creatures call home. This is a must for any experienced or first time diver visiting Grand Cayman.

Stingray City is perhaps the most famous shallow dive in the world. At a maximum depth of 12 feet (3.6 meters), you can feed, pet and play with the calm stingrays. Kneel on the sandy sea floor while tame stingrays swirl around in search of food. As you stroke the smooth undersides of the stingrays, you'll understand why this memorable dive has made Grand Cayman famous.

Custom-built boats and equipment, highly trained instructors, professionalism and service give you the best diving Grand Cayman has to offer.

Please Note
You must be a minimum of 10 years old to participate in this activity
All certified divers are required to have a certification card

Departure Point: Boats depart from Safehaven Dock

Departure Time: 2 pm
Return Details: Returns to original departure point at approximately 4:30 pm

Diving Sites for Abanks' Diving
East End

Some of the best dive sites on the island are located on the East End. The pristine, untouched coral and the various swim throughs along with the shear drop off of the wall add to the excitement. Sighting the resident reef sharks and other large sea creatures is a common occurrence.

Diving Sites for Absolute Divers
Stingray City

Years ago before banking and tourism was big in Grand Cayman the main industry was fishing. The fishermen would work the seas all day and return to the protection of the of the reef in the north sound to clean their catch. After years of throwing the entrails overboard the Stingrays began gathering in the area on the shallow sand bars. The stingrays would feast on the free meal. Soon the stingrays began to associate the sound of a fishing boats with food. In the late 1970s, divers starting feeding squid to the stingrays, which is one of their favorite dishes.

Ambassador Divers
The Wall

An average trip for Open Water divers consists of a guided dive at 80-100 feet on one of the amazing sites on the drop-off �Wall� that surrounds Grand Cayman. On your dives, dramatic swim-throughs and sheer walls, large vase and barrel sponges, sea fans and an incredible variety of coral reef life as well as sea turtles, tarpon, eagle rays, nurse and reef sharks, eels and barracuda are often sighted.

Conch Club Divers
Bloody Bay Wall

One of the highlights of every diving vacation on Little Cayman includes Bloody Bay Wall, just off the northwestern tip of the Island. Bloody Bay Wall is considered one of the world's most spectacular dive destinations. This unique geological formation features a sheer drop-off that plunges thousands of feet.

Dive 'N Stuff
Our first dive is usually a guided Wall dive. The walls here in Cayman generally start at around 45 feet in depth and can go down to about 3000 feet. Our maximum profile is 100 feet so you can choose you own comfort zone and extent your bottom time accordingly. After a surface interval of usually an hour, our second dive is typically a shallow reef or wreck dive, and you can choose if you want to be guided or not. Each dive site we visit is determined with safety being our number one concern.

Your crew consists of technical divers/instructors, and there are a host of exciting dive sites to explore with you. Typical dives take place on the North wall and Northwest Point of the island, and South at the ship wreck of the Carrie Lee. The Sponge Belt, with sites such as Nancy's Chute, Dan's Donut, Funky Town and Elephant Ear abound at depths ranging from 200-330fsw/60-100msw The wall offers a host of exciting dives that have chutes, swim through's, holes, donuts and more.

Sponges nestled in the overhangs grow to enormous sizes and range in shades of pastels and translucent colors. Trimix divers are invited to visit this pristine world in the clear, warm Caribbean waters in Cayman.

Carrie Lee
The Carrie Lee wreck sits in 165-260fsw/50-80msw off the southern end of Grand Cayman. Commissioned (Grand Turk) as a freighter to carry goods between Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman, she made weekly runs of container loads between the islands carrying supplies. Heading for Cayman Brac from Grand Cayman in 1985, the Carrie Lee met with misfortune and capsized approximately 10 miles east of Grand Cayman.

With a full container load on her top deck and being void below, she lost stability, capsized and drifted back south of Grand Cayman. Tow attempts were made for 2 weeks to salvage and right her, but eventually she sunk in 100fsw/30msw. The Carrie Lee has twice slid down the sloping top of the wall, resting today right on the edge of the drop-off, with her bow tipping over the edge of the abyss.

Don Foster's Dive Cayman
Casuarina Point is ideal for both shore diving and snorkeling with the perfect entry point to explore Casuarina Point. The reef, which makes up part of Cayman's Marine Park is an extension of world famous Devil's Grotto. It is 25-50 feet deep and lies a mere 80 yards off shore.

Eden Rock Diving Centre
Eden Rock Diving Center's custom built dive boat is a Pro 42 jet boat, which take scuba divers on spectacular diving adventures to Cayman's West, South or North Walls, ship wrecks, coral reefs and Stingray City dives. Choose from a 1 or 2 tank afternoon boat dive or 2 or 3 tank morning boat dive. Dive Masters will guide you down the incredible Cayman walls where you'll view breathtaking coral formations and abundant marine life.

Neptune's Divers
We offer 2 tank trips twice daily departing at 9 AM and again at 1 PM. We dive the West, North and the South Sides of the island from our fast, comfortable and well equipped 30 ft. Custom Island Hopper.

Ocean Frontiers
Enjoy the pristine Reefs and breathtaking wall dives that the East End is renowned for with a service style that will surpass your expectations.

Red Sail Cayman
Grand Cayman is the world's best-known dive destination. Some say it's because of the warm, crystal-clear water found here year round. Others love the stretches of magnificent, unspoiled coral reefs, the schools of colorful fish, the friendly stingrays, the spectacular shipwrecks, the vertical walls teeming with sea life, even the dramatic underwater drop-offs.

Seasports Diving
9:30 and 2:00 departures. You're on vacation. Early departures seem too much like the daily grind back home. And because we start later, most dive sites are open when we get there.

Tortuga Divers
With over 160 charted dive sites and an abundance of friendly stingrays, tarpon and eels, Cayman's marine life is legendary. So is Tortuga Divers' reputation for excellence, quality gear, variety, and personal service. Our professional, experienced instructors will show our guests as many sites as your vacation times and experience level will permit.

The East End of the island is still relatively untouched by divers and offers pristine sites. The diving is typically around the inner fringing reef. The spur and grove formations here are more gently sloping than other areas on Grand Cayman. With a variety of sites including caves and swim-throughs, coupled with abundant marine life, the East End offers something special for the adventurous diver looking for something different.