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Curious2Dive divingCurious2Dive
You can feed sharks, sea turtles, stingrays and many, many colorful tropical fish while diving. Bring your bathing suit and take part in a thrill-of-a-lifetime adventure called "Animal Encounters."

This is the only place in the world where you can hand feed sharks, sea turtles, stingrays and colorful tropical fish in one dive

Animal Encounters is a complete divecenter with all PADI, WOSD and IAHD courses and, of course, a disability is not a problem at all.

If you're able to breath, you're able to dive..

Want2Dive DivingWant2Dive
W2D Divecenter Curacao provides professional and guided snorkel trips.

A professional diver will take you around one of the beautiful places in Curacao, telling you which are the corals, sponges and fish and helping you get comfortable in the water.

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Dive Sites

Directors Bay
This picturesque location is home to the remains of the pillars that once held netting that kept the sharks at bay. This dramatic wall drops down to about 30 meters. The light hits the water making this a photographer's dream, from flamingo tongues to turtles this dive site never disappoints

The name says it all; this site has become one of Curacao's most popular sites for both snorkelers and divers alike. Be amazed at the diverse and thriving fish populations that have no fear of divers. Keep going here and meet the small wall enough to take your breath away.

The pier at Caracasbaai
Enter the underwater forest formed by concrete pillars of the pier that are now covered in a healthy growth of sponges and soft coral. The colour contrasts here make for very interesting photography.

Underestimated as a dive site. Perfect if you haven't been in the water for a while and want a nice relaxed dive to start your holiday. The shallows here have often produced wonderful surprises. After the dive why not try Pop's Place for a tasty local meal.

Beacon Point
Not for the faint of heart, some walking in full gear is needed to access this site but the effort will be well rewarded with unspoilt coral and some larger fish. Both the surface and underwater scenery will make you glad you took the exercise.

Car Pile
An artificial reef consisting of circa 1950's cars; this was placed as an experiment to improve the regeneration of the reef. This dive is for the more advanced as it lies in 30 meters. Find the barge and enjoy nature reclaiming what man has made.

Pier (Marie Pampoen)
A site for all levels. Be careful of the current as sometimes this can give you a serious workout. A nice site for a night dive with a perfect opportunity to experience underwater night life.

Tarpon City
The name is a giveaway as here you can find VERY large numbers of Tarpon that reside here. It is strongly recommended that this dive is done on underwater scooters as the current can sweep you away from the exit.

Superior Producer
Hit the deck on Curacaos finest recreational wreck. Standing almost upright in 30 meters this is a dive for advanced divers. This ship sank in 1977 and since has been transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours. Limited availability during cruise ship season.

Atlantis Diving
Curacao has more than 60 dive sites and is a true diver�s paradise. You can dive on shipwrecks or to different colorful reefs with many different species of coral and reef fish. The same as on Bonaire, most of the dive sites on Curacao can be done as shore dives. So no need for long boot trips before you can go dive here.

Caribbean Sea Sports
Can't get enough of the superb diving on Curacao? Why not join us for a night dive? We offer guided night dives on our beautiful house reef every Tuesday night. Watch the lobster, shrimp, octopus and moray eels come out from their hidey holes to hunt for fish. See the corals in their natural vibrant colours under the beam of our LED under water lights and anemones not normally seen by day emerge out of the sand and reef.

Discover Diving
We are located on the beach of Playa Lagun, right in the middle of the most beautiful diving areas of Curacao. Our house reef offers the most impressive corals as well as many fish species from the Caribbean. Naturally we offer you the entire range of PADI courses, from Open Water to Divemaster. If you just want to rent a diving set or snorkel set we can offer you the finest equipment. We organize boat dives on a regular basis to top locations like Mushroom Forrest and Wattamula, both at about 15 minutes by boat from our school.

Dive Bus
Curacao and Bonaire are the top 2 shore diving locations in the whole of the Caribbean, sharing the same mild currents, tropical water temperatures, excellent visibility and enormous diversity of marine life. Like Bonaire, the best of Curacao's dive sites can be dived from shore: just gear up on the beach and take a few steps into the clear, warm, blue Caribbean ocean. And, unlike Bonaire, Curacao also has plenty to do topside in the evenings, surface intervals and dry days.

Ocean Encounters
Every Tuesday Ocean Encounters offers an adventurous 2-tank Dive Trip to Klein Curacao and East Point on the Curacao Galaxy or the Curacao Treasure, our largest boats. Divers will first dive the unspoiled and pristine East Point. Surrounded by beautiful soft and hard coral formations and abundant marine life, this dive site is truly an underwater paradise.

PortoMari Sports
Our diving school is built on the beach nearby one of the most beautiful underwaterspots of Cura�ao. It's ideal for beginners and advanced because of the unique double reef. The reef starts at a depth of six meters but also has the opportunity to do deep dives. With the average water temperature of 28 degrees, splendid views, no current, beautiful coral and lots of fish, you can be sure to have a great dive.