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Bay of Sosua Catamaran Cruise and SnorkelingBay of Sosua Catamaran Cruise and Snorkeling

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Be a millionaire for a day as you sail on a 54ft catamaran along the North Coast from the Bay of Playa Dorada to the beautiful bay of Sosua.

Let the wind carry you to magnificent hidden beaches bordered by crystal clear waters and enjoy the wild, intact beauty of the Dominican Republic's fine sand beaches.

The crew are available to assist you with snorkeling tuition if required (equipment available onboard), before you plunge into the clear blue waters which teem with tropical fish.

Explore the beautiful reefs and varied marine life before returning to the boat for a buffet lunch onboard - drinks included.

Soak up the sun with a cocktail in hand as you cruise back to Puerto Playa as the crew put on a show for your entertainment. Join in the fun or simply sit back and enjoy the antics of the fun-loving crew members.

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Scuba Elite, Dominican RepublicScuba Elite

At Scuba Elite you will find unparalleled service and unparalleled opportunities.

We are the only dive center with an amazing retail selection, our own full size pool for training and testing and we are pioneers in the area with our overnight live-aboard excursions to some of the most beautiful places the Caribbean has to offer.

If you are considering a lifestyle or career change, then maybe our internship to become a professional diver will be just what you're looking for.

Caribbean Festival Snorkel CruiseCaribbean Festival Snorkel Cruise

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Come on board for an unforgettable day of cruising, snorkeling and dancing. Sit back and relax as you cruise along the stunning Bavaro coastline. Add a little adventure to your day and snorkel in the crystal clear waters. Enjoy a Caribbean dance show and join in the dancing for an experience not to be missed.

You will stop at a popular snorkeling site, known for regular sightings of sharks and rays. Slip into the water for a guided snorkeling tour through the warm waters, giving you an introduction to the colorful marine life of the Caribbean.

Climbing back onboard, enjoy light refreshments as the crew perform a Caribbean dance show for your entertainment. Don't be shy, join in the fun and feel the spirit of the Caribbean.

Departure Point: Tour departs from most Punta Cana hotels

Departure Time: 7:45 am

Catalina Island Snorkeling CruiseCatalina Island Snorkeling Cruise

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Unravel the mysteries of the Caribbean! On this cruise you will have the opportunity to discover the untouched beauty of the Island of Catalina, and snorkel or dive off some of the most amazing coral reefs amongst the abundance of colorful inhabitants.

The Caribbean Sea, with clear turquoise water is perfect for snorkeling and diving. The boat will anchor directly above a coral reef so that you can enjoy the best Caribbean underwater view. Snorkeling equipment is available onboard free of charge, however if you would like to dive additional costs apply.

After the amazing impressions of the colorful sea life, you will have lunch on the white beach of the Island of Catalina. The crew will be pleased to provide you with beverages throughout the entire trip.

You will be back in your hotel in the early evening to relax and unwind, after an invigorating day under the sea.

Departs from the beach in front of the following hotels:

Riu Bambu Club Hotel
Riu Taino
Riu Palace Punta Cana
Riu Palace Macau
Riu Naiboa

If your hotel is not listed, a free shuttle bus is available from the Barcelo Bavaro area only. Free shuttle bus is not available from unlisted Punta Cana hotels.

Departure Time: 7 am

Introductory Scuba Dive in Punta CanaIntroductory Scuba Dive in Punta Cana

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Why not take the opportunity to go scuba diving during your stay in Punta Cana? The PADI Discover Scuba Diving course is a great introduction to this popular water sport.

Nothing compares to the weightless freedom of diving, and the calm Caribbean waters off Punta Cana provide the perfect environment for your first dive. With expert instructors on hand, no previous experience is necessary.

Certified PADI instructors will teach you the basics of scuba diving, including pool training and theory. Once you have mastered the basics, it's off to a popular local dive spot for your first open-water dive.

Supervised by your instructors, your small group dive takes you to a maximum depth of 40 feet (12 meters), subject to favorable conditions. The crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean are home to beautiful coral reefs and schools of tropical fish, ideal for scuba diving. You'll soon be taking to the water like a fish.

Please note: This diving course includes components that stretch throughout the duration of the day.

Departs from the beach in front of the following hotels:

Riu Bambu Club Hotel
Riu Taino
Riu Palace Punta Cana
Riu Palaca Macao
Riu Naiboa

If your hotel is not listed, a free shuttle bus is available.

Departure Time: 9 am (hotel pickups commence prior to this time, exact pickup time will be advised on reconfirmation)

Marinarium Shark and Ray ExperienceMarinarium Shark and Ray Experience

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Discover the beauty of the underwater world as you snorkel and swim along the biggest coral reefs of Punta Cana, making friends with the giant sting rays and nurse sharks.

Then its on to some natural pools where you can enjoy a beautiful cocktail as you relax in the water! With something for everyone, this family firendly excursion is a must do when visiting the Dominican Republic!

Take a gentle coastal cruise along the beaches of Bavaro to the Marinarium for your exciting underwater adventure. After an introduction to the native marine life, you'll receive snorkeling equipment and safety instructions from the Marinarium Park supervisors. Start by snorkeling with some of the friendlier creatures of the deep before taking the plunge and entering the domain of the sharks.

Enjoy an adrenaline packed swim with nurse sharks and sting rays as these fascinating creatures glide majestically below you. It's not often you'll get the opportunity to swim amongst the bigger creatures of the deep, so don't miss out on this chance.

Cruising back from the Marinarium you can take a bartending lessons on how to make cocktails. Or, simply sit back and enjoy the sun - cocktail in hand of course.

Hotel pickup is available from most Punta Cana hotels

Departure Times: 8 am and 12:30 pm
Return Details: Returns to original departure point

Punta Cana Snorkel ExcursionPunta Cana Snorkel Excursion

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Great for those who have never snorkeled before and are feeling a little apprehensive, this short trip is the perfect introduction to the popular water sport.

Cruise to one of the nearby coral reefs and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

You will visit one of the shallow reefs, protected from the open ocean by its corals. An incredible abundance of colorful reef creatures can be observed going about their daily lives in the crystal clear sea. Use of snorkeling equipment and a local guide are included on this easy Punta Cana activity.

What are you waiting for? Get in the water and get up close and personal with the abundance of amazing ocean life that calls the Caribbean home.

Departs from the beach in front of the following hotels:

Riu Bambu Club Hotel
Riu Taino
Riu Palace Macao Hotel
Riu Palace Punta Cana
Riu Naiboa

If your hotel is not listed, a free shuttle is available within the Bavaro area.

Departure Times: 10 am, 12 noon, 2 pm

Big Blue
Sosua and the North Coast of the Domincan Republic have a lot to offer. There are dive sites like three Rocks or Canyon which are perfect for shallow dives or dives with beginners. Or special dives like the dive on the wreck Zingara or the Cave Dive in Cabrera which will make the heart of a certified divers beat faster.

Caribbean Divers Dive Sites

Kapten Alcina
This is an ancient wreck. It's difficult to find because its keenly grown over with corals. ( depth: 40m)

This treasure hunter ship was countersunk by the international diving sports organisations in 1980. (depth: 18m)

An old pumping station in front of an oil rig (is called UFO because of its shape), was countersunk by the international diving sports organisations, too. (depth: 18m)

An old towboat located at a depth of 20m.

Nando Spezial
A naturally grown coral reef with caves, gorges and mountains.

A beautiful, naturally grown coral reef with a fitting name. (depth: 14m).

Also known as "Almendra" (almond tree), this diving area plunges down like a funnel from 14m to a depth of 180m.

Caribbean Marine Dive Sites

Luperon VIP Dive
Luperon wall may be considered the best wall dive in the north coast. This is the true definition of a "wall" dive. The wall begins in a few feet of water and drops off to over 200 feet. We like to consider this our VIP dive. Accordingly we include not only the usual complimentary non alcoholic drinks but a lobster based lunch after the dive. this is a diving trip you won't forget.

Wreck Dive
The sunken Zingara, a 45 meter-long cargo ship, is home to a 6-foot-long moray who has a reputation for surprising curious divers. This dive has the additional feature of an adjacent reef wall, allowing divers the option to ascend to a shallower depth.

Spanish Galleon Dive
Meet face to face with a 90 foot long Spanish galleon from 1600's. Be amazed by the quantity of art craft that can be found in this wreck. Pottery, glass and other metal pieces will be souvenirs of your dive if you are lucky.

Dudu Cave Dive
Call this the Rescue Diver program. The Rescue Diver will expand your knowledge and experience beyond purely recreational level because you'll learn to look beyond yourself and consider the safety and well being of other divers. Although this course is serious, it is an enjoyable way to build your confidence.

Snorkeling is fun, safe, and easy. Join us for a 2.5 hour underwater tour to the shallow, inner, coral reefs located at the Famous Sosua National Marine Sanctuary. Our friendly crew specializes in kids, families, and first time snorkelers. You will be absolutely amazed at the underwater world that lives just offshore Sosua.

Night Dive
At the dive center staff will provide dive lights and all equipment. Then we transfer to Sosua Bay, the most popular place in the north coast for Scuba diving and snorkeling. We do a guided night dive at the popular East Sosua Wall or Larimar II. After diving, each customer is offered a complimentary drink.

Neptuno Dive Center
We have more than twenty dive sites in Juan Dolio and are always discovering new ones. Our boats can reach them in five to fifteen minutes. There are two regular dives in the morning, and depending on weather conditions dives in the afternoon and night dives on a frequent basis.

Depth ranges from 30 to 100 feet and depends on the experience of the diver. At the house reef you can expect to find an interesting U/W topography consisting of deep channels and ravines, a large diversity of soft and hard corals and the smaller but vibrantly colorful typical reef fish.

North Coast Diving Sites

Three Rocks (maximum depth of 8.5 m/ 27 ft.)
Three Rocks are three giant coral heads that span for 45 meters (150 ft.), hosting an incredible mix of tropical fish and plant life.

Paradise Reef
Beginners dive to a maximum depth of 12 m/ 40 ft. along a colorful reef wall. Advanced divers plunge to a maximum depth of 32 m/ 104 ft. Impressive in the day, Paradise Reef is also a stunning night dive, particularly when the octopi and squid come out to play. Also see the Dinoflagellates. See the phenomenon of these tiny half animal and half plant. With each fin stroke they leave a trial of bright green light behind.

Canyon (maximum depth 18 m/ 60 ft.)
The Canyon is a reef wall that has split, forming an underwater avenue ideal for a relaxed, colorful cruise. The wall begins at 4 m/12 ft and is full of spectacular sponge life.

La Puntilla (maximum depth 12 m/ 40 ft.)
Diving La Puntilla (the little point) is exciting because of four fallen boulders that have created a variety of caves and swim-throughs. Species of particular interest here are the barracuda and the spotted eagle ray.

Puerto Plata Airport Wall (maximum depth 24 m/ 80 ft.)
Unanimously considered the best dive spot in the region, the reef wall begins at a depth of 12 m/ 40 ft. The remaining 12 meters is a maze of swim-throughs, caves, and schools of tropical fish. Inside one of the caves is a massive Elkhorn Coral, a rare animal that does not need sunlight to flourish.

Wreck Dive (maximum depth 36 m/ 118 ft.)
The sunken Zingara, a 45 meter-long cargo ship, is home to a 6 foot long (2 m) moray eel who has a reputation for surprising curious divers. This dive has the additional feature of an adjacent reef wall, allowing divers the option to ascend to a shallower depth. The wall is host to numerous fan corals, whips, barrels and tube sponges.

Pyramids (maximum depth 18 m/ 60 ft.)
The Pyramids are made up of gully's, cliff corals, and swim-throughs as a result of land eroding into the sea and chunks of the coastal cliffs falling off.

Puerto Plata Five Rocks (maximum depth 24 m/ 80 ft.)
Perfect for all levels of dive ability, Five Rocks is a bottom feeders heaven. Lobsters, conch, and crab hide inside towering barrel sponges.

Garden of Los Charamicos (maximum depth 24 m/ 80 ft)
Parallel to the Canyon, the Garden of Los Charmicos is a genuine underwater garden with spectacular sponge and coral formations, including large pink and purple fan corals and alien-looking, multi-colored barrel sponges.

Chiquita Reef (maximum depth 30 m/ 100 ft)
The mysterious sting ray entices many to dive at Chiquita Reef, as well as the various schools of fish darting to and fro in simultaneous precision.

West wall (maximum depth 30 m/ 100 ft.)
Parallel to Sosua beach, the West Wall begins at a depth of 8 meters/ 26 ft. and flourishes all the way to the ocean floor. Amongst other reef creatures living on the wall, the prickly sea urchin is particularly fond of the spot.

Coral Gardens (maximum depth 18 m/ 60 ft.)
Linked with Three Rocks, the Coral Gardens are splendid outcrops of multicolored coral in between patches of pure white sand. The plants that grow in the Gardens are personal favourites of the incredible French and Queen Angelfish.

Scuba Elite Dive Sites

In Sosua Bay, we are blessed with an abundance of great diving locations. We feature beautiful reef dives, deep walls, ship wrecks, underwater caverns and more! There is something special here for everyone at any level of experience.

Experience level: Beginner
Max Depth: 18m
Sample of Flora and Fauna: Butterfly fish, angel fish, various smaller groupers, snappers, anemones, cleaner shrimp, many species of crabs, fan corals, various other soft and hard corals and much more!

Canyon is a great dive site everyone can enjoy. Once down off the mooring line, there is a wonderful swim through which has earned this dive site its respective name. Swimming through, you will be surrounded by coral and fish alike. Beyond the canyon lie artificial reef balls housing some great marine life and a great reef wall to dive along.

West Wall
Experience level: Beginner to Deep Spec. certified. Technical diving is possible.
Max Depth: 50m+
Sample of Flora and Fauna: Butterfly fish, angel fish, groupers, parrot fish, snappers, morays, soldier fish, squirrel fish, lion fish, scorpion fish, crabs, reef lobsters, rays, octopi, squid and a lot of coral.

West Wall is another great site which features something for all divers. Diving both sides of the wall present you with amazing coral back grounds while the plentiful marine life goes about its daily business, you as its witness. One side of this reef features sandy shallows, the other a steep seemingly bottomless decent into the reefs lower and still beautiful sections.

Three Rocks
Experience level: Beginner to Advanced.
Max Depth: 20m
Sample of Flora and Fauna: RAYS! Butterfly fish, angel fish, groupers, parrot fish, morays, snappers, lion fish, scorpion fish, crabs, reef lobsters, all kinds of coral, octopi, squid and more.

Three Rocks, as the name implies, is composed mainly of three large sections of reef which leads down towards deeper reef balls and then more reef. Lots of sting rays here and a lot of fish. This is not only an amazing dive site, but one of our premier snorkeling sites as well due to its beauty at multiple levels.

The Zingara
Experience level: Advanced (Wreck Spec required for penetration dives).
Max Depth: 36m
Sample of Flora and Fauna: Large groupers, barracuda, jacks, snappers, soldier fish, squirrel fish, scorpion fish etc.

The Zingara was a cargo ship that was sunk intentionally as an artificial reef. It�s depth makes it off limits to some divers, but it is a great dive site to train on and many Open Water Divers prefer to do the dive as an Adventure dive so it counts towards their Advanced certification. The wreck itself is a beautiful back drop to many species of fish including some pelagics that swim in from time to time. Penetration is possible in some areas of the wreck but proper training is required. Please note the distance to the wreck is greater than the other Bay sites and requires an additional $8.00 USD fuel surcharge per person.

Larimar 1
Experience level: Beginner to Advanced
Max Depth: 20m
Sample of Flora and Fauna: Octopi, jacks, damsels, eels, snappers, crabs, lobsters, stone fish etc.

Larimar 1 is one of our favourite sites for good reason. Its moderate depth allows lots of sun light to shine on the reef's wall revealing all the colors of the coral and creatures that inhabit this ecosystem. In short, it's a great shallow wall which is easy to navigate with lots of busy animals going about their daily routine.

Larimar 2
Experience Level: Advanced
Max Depth: 40m+
Sample of Flora and Fauna: Everything you�d see at Larimar 1 with the possibility to see the occasional nurse shark.

Like its shallower brother, Larimar 2 is a beautiful wall. The difference being that this site is very deep. Lots of wall to explore here and a great multilevel dive site. There is even a mysterious toilet occupying the depths, that no one can explain.

Scuba Fun
All dive sites are just a short, 5 to 30 minute, boat ride away. The dives typically range from 30 to 100 feet deep with difficulty levels for all divers. Excellent snorkeling is available as well. The beautiful weather, calm seas and underwater visibility of 100 feet or more are practically guaranteed year round.

Sea Pro Divers
There are many, many great dive sites on the island, for beginners as well as for the experienced diver. Feel free to choose any of our dive sites and find out about the magnificent places of the ocean surrounding the Dominican Republic.

Treasure Divers Dive Sites

Angels Revine

This dive site located at a depth of 17 meters follows the coral reef, which runs parallel to the beach. To the north the site drops to a depth of 30 meters and reaches a sandy depth of 35 meters while to the south it drops off with an inclination to 40 meters.

Due to the plate-like formations of the salad corals, Angel Revine has a terraced effect. The reef is covered in wrinkled boulder star corals. Lobsters and moray eels have make their homes in the reef`s many holes and crevices. Black durgeons, schools of mackerels and yellowhead wrasses also call this reef their home.

Max depth: 40 meters, Boat ride: approx. 20 minutes, Recommended dive time: 40 minutes.

Wessel Riff

This reef lies parallel to the west coast and sand channels run through it from east to west. It is approximately 30 meters wide, from 13 meters it falls from a depth of 18 meters in the east and ends in the sand. Very striking are the corals and their formations. Along the whole reef, different colonies of pillar and elk corals can be found. Also numerous are soft and horn corals. Often encountered fish, are the stingray, different kinds of moray eels and trumpet fish. Along the sands, divers frequently encounter red heart urchins which migrate in groups. Remarkably many of the reef�s formations have the shape of sunken ships.

Max depth: 18 meters, Boat ride: approx. 15 minutes, Recommended dive time: max 60 minutes.

La Boya

La Boya is a reef which lies parallel to the south coast in front of which are coral blocks. It has channels running through it from south to west. It starts at approximately 15 meters and ends at around 20 meters. One of the life forms found here are huge barril sponges, homes to coral and king crabs. In the open deep blue, one can spot barracudas, while stingrays, sea stars and endless garden eel can be found on the sandy surface.

Max depth: 20 meters, Boat ride: 20 minutes, Recommended dive time: max 60 minutes.

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is uninhabited with an area of 9.6-km square. It is the smallest of the two islands we visit, and it is only a one hour bus ride and a 30 minutes boat ride away.

Wreck Dives

Your choice does not always have to be the famous Hickory, which is on the Boca Chica must dive list for many divers, as there are, in total, four wrecks you can choose from. All four are located in the under water national park La Caleta of which three wrecks were purposely sunk for divers.

The fourth wreck in the southeast of the park, is a small tugboat, called by locals the Ocean Spring, sunk under circumstances still not know today. All wrecks lie at problem-free diving depths, so that also less experienced divers can also enjoy them.

With the exception of the RP 14 (Limon), due to its recent sinking, all wrecks show extensive coral and sponge growth. Large schools of fish can be found at the Hickory and Ocean Spring, which swarm around a diver when fed with bananas.

Another nice wreck, the St George, is located in the Parque Nacional del Este and is part of a full day excursion in Bayahibe as well as the exceptional diving in the wonderful Padre Nuestro cave.

Amazing Cave Diving

Taina caves (La Sirena)

The cave is located on private property in a Caribbean garden of mango and citrus trees. While their partners dive, non-divers can enjoy two dry stalactite caves also found in the garden. This unique cave offers crystal clear warm water, the roofs and walls are covered in sparkling crystals, fantasy limestone formations, thousands of stalactites and stalagmites and air spaces to dive up into, making this a breath taking adventure dive through paradise.

Padre Nuestro

The Padre Nuestro is a cave of unequal beauty. For those divers who did not yet become addicted to cave diving after La Sirena, they will become so after this dive. The limestone was formed on the ocean floors millions of years ago and pushed to the earth�s upper surfaces through geological processes.

About 20,000 years ago, huge amounts of water was locked frozen at the poles as ice. Thus the sea level was between 100 and 120 meters lower than today. The eroding of limestone by rainwater, melted ice and rivers created underground hollows, which developed over time into corridors, caves and caverns.

Stalactite formations were also created: stalactites (hang) and stalagmites (stand) . The latter are formed when calcium-rich water drips down a wall creating forms like on a tapestry. With the melting of the polar ice around 10,000 years ago, the ocean levels rose to those found today, filling the cave systems created beforehand, much to the happiness of today's cave divers.