San Juan, Puerto Rico Car Rentals

While most cars in Puerto Rico are rented out of San Juan, you can also pick up your car in Aguadilla, on the west side of the island.

This gives you easy access to the resorts in that area without having to drive across Puerto Rico on a very tedious toll road.

Puerto Rican drivers are more polite than most reports indicate. Granted, the pace is fast but if you've ever been on a California freeway, you should be just fine driving in Puerto Rico.

Cars drive on the right side of the road so be careful when turning left.

The driving laws in Puerto Rico are similar to those in the United States with some exceptions.

In the USA, you must pull over on a highway (unless it is a divided highway) when you hear a siren.

However, in Puerto Rico, many ambulances drive around with their sirens on when they are not responding to an emergency.

Because of this, most cars do not pull over in this situation.

If you are driving in San Juan and notice diamond lanes on the far right (cars drive on the right side there) don't be tempted to sneak into them. They are for buses and buses travel in the opposite direction in these lanes.

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