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We were the very first dive shop in St Maarten, est. in 1977 by long time resident Leroy French and since than we have been exploring the reefs and wrecks the island.

We are happy to say that we run a small and friendly operation offering a VIP service.

In an effort to provide personal attention and better diving for our guests we are restricting the amount of divers on the boat per dive to a maximum of 6. This means however, that reservations are mandatory as the boat fills up fast.

We have discovered the best that St Maarten has to offer so either you are visiting us for the first time or is one of our many return divers, we always try to have something unique to amaze you.

We have received a PADI recognition for Outstanding Services for the last 17 Years that we are a PADI Dive Center and have earned over these years a reputation of one the best and most experienced dive shops in St Maarten.

Scuba Diving and snorkeling in the turquoise blue waters of St. Maarten varies from beautiful and healthy reef systems to well preserved and fantastic wrecks.

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 Here you will encounter a huge variety of marine life; from tiny coral shrimps and nudibrancs to Hawksbill turtles and everything in between.

Blue Bubbles Watersports - Blue Bubbles goes to all the dive sites around the island. They dive off St Maarten and St Martin.

In addition to scuba diving, they offer fishing, parasailing, kayaking and Snuba. Unique on St. Maarten, Snuba is a patented shallow water diving system that bridges the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving. It is safe and easy, family-friendly and does not require certification. Even if you've never snorkeled, Snuba diving is for you.

Aqua Mania
Aqua Mania chooses dive sites the morning of the dive, to ensure the best decision is made for that day's weather and sea conditions.

Divers are always encouraged to take a shallow afternoon dive as a refresher, if their last dive was a year ago. Three custom dive boats provide comfortable rides.

The platforms provide giant stride entry and ladders allow easy exit from the water. Dive groups are kept to around 12 per boat, with 2 to 3 dive staff accompanying.

Dive Safaris

Carib Cargo Maximum depth: 70 feet
This 200'/60m cargo ship is a new fully intact wreck, not yet incrusted by corals. Many fish swim around the ship and stingrays lay the sand sometimes even letting you pet them.

We can penetrate the pilot house and the engine room. This wreck sank in 1996.

Little Bay - Maximum depth: 30 feet

Proselyte - Maximum depth: 50 feet
This is our most famous dive site. In 1801, a British frigate coming from St. Kitts with supplies ran into the reef. Both Capt. and Navigator were down below and the helmsman screwed up the directions. She drifted into Man O War Shoal and, to stop her from sinking, the crew cut off the masts and threw them, with the huge anchors and the cannons, overboard. She sunk anyway, All aboard survived and the Capt. and Navigator were court-martialed. Since she was made out of wood, you will not see the ship itself as it is now part of the reef but you will see the 13 coral encrusted cannons and 3 huge anchors.

The Maze - Maximum depth: 50 feet
Mountain ranges of coral formations. There are swim throughs, ledges and a large variety of reef life. The maze is home of the Monarch Reef.

Moonhole - Maximum depth: 60 feet
Large crater with open caves, walls of sponges and corridors of coral. When you look up you see white water and down below is calm. You pass over a ridge about 20ft deep and then drop down into the hole.

One Step Beyond - Maximum depth: 70 feet
Double pinnacles surrounded by large schools of fish, turtles, eels, lobsters, and different types of sharks. You can hover at 45 ft and see so much life.

Hen And Chick - Maximum depth: 60 feet
Reef dive with lots of ledges, usually rays, eels, and big coral heads. Top of reef is 20 ft deep. Lots of life.

Split Rock - Maximum depth: 60 feet
Gorgeous huge swim thru, coral ridges, cables from a wreck, wide variety of marine life.

Teigland - Maximum depth: 70 feet
This dive site was created in 1993 when the Teigland sank and split up on this location. Many lobster holes can be found, big schools of fish and stingrays swim around the wreck and usually eels can be seen. This wreck is surrounded by a beautiful reef, divers can roam around the coral heads before coming back on the boat.

Fish Bowl - Maximum depth: 60 feet
This beautiful and healthy reef is home of "Crush" the turtle. Because of its position near our Shark Awareness feeding site, sharks are often encountered during this dive. During this dive, 2 swim throughs and big ledges can be found. This is also a great site for multi level diving due to many different depth levels.

Big Mama's Reef - Maximum depth: 60 feet
Home of Big Mama, Scratch and Zena, this is the site of our famous Shark Awareness Dive. Because of its great channels of sand, ridges and corridors surrounded by coral, we also use this dive site for our regular dives.

Scuba Fun
Whether it's your first try or if you're already certified, scuba or freediving, the abundant marine life of the crystal clear Caribbean Sea is waiting to be discovered by you. These warm waters give rise to a wide variety of sea life, everything from small and beautiful to the weird and wonderful.

Under the surface, you may admire many species: various Rays, Lobster, Sea Turtles, Sharks, Sponges, Sea Fans, Elkhorn Coral and Queen Conch. There are also hundreds of fish with sparkling colours.

You'll see Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, Groupers, Surgeon Fish, Spanish Hogfish, and between the end of October to the middle of May, you might just be lucky enough to see a Dolphin or two during your dive and maybe even a Whale on your way back to the dock.