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St Thomas (STT)  - One of the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas has a lovely golf course and an abundance of "rough" locals working on the cruise docks.

STT is a favorite cruise port with all that goes along with this and it can be a bit of a party island. Don't expect friendly natives in STT.

There seems to be some resentment by the locals to those who come to town for the day (perhaps this is understandable) if you are visiting on a cruise ship and reports of petty crimes are commonplace.

St Thomas has the largest population in the USVI. Many of those residents live in Charlotte Amalie. Charlotte Amalie, the capital, was a vibrant and active port during the time of the pirates. You can visit Bluebeard's castle and Blackbeard's castle there and visit the past.

The two major ports in St Thomas are St Thomas Harbor and Red Hook.

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