Diving in Tortola


Holiday in Tortola

Tortola - Because of all the coves and cays in Tortola, it provides the best in beaches and watersports.

Although sailing is considered some of the best in the world here, it was not introduced by outsiders. Long before the first Europeans arrived, native people were sailing around this island.

Tortola is the largest island in the British Virgin Islands. Fortunately for US travelers, the US Dollar is the standard currency in the BVI. This also makes a holiday in Tortola especially reasonable for Europeans on holiday there.

BVI WatersportsBVI Watersports

Contact us and tell us your budget, dates and aspirations and we will custom tailor your vacation. From campsite to luxury villa to high speed catamaran we have all the connections.

Island tours are our specialty. Hire a boat for the day and let Jeremy take you to his secret snorkel spots only a few privileged know about.

We Be Divin'

Welcome to We Be Divin' Rentals. At We Be Divin' we know you want dive equipment that looks and works like new.

This is why we replace all our BCD�s and Regulators with new ones each year. Though our gear is new, our prices are still among the lowest on the island.

We use the Cressi BC and have sizes from xxs to xxl. We offer free delivery anywhere on Tortola.

Caribbean Fly Fishing

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a collection of 60 islands, cays and rocks forming the northern extremity of the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean. Mostly uninhabited, these islands set the stage for an adventure in salt water fly fishing.

Located 100 kilometers (62 miles) east of Puerto Rico these islands have a balmy, subtropical climate. The islands of the BVI form almost an oval around Tortola, the largest island. They are volcanic in origin, with the exception of Anegada which is formed of coral and limestone and is the lowest lying. On land, the BVI is endowed with fine mountain ranges, small valleys and little flat fertile agriculture land.

The BVI offers pristine water, abundant game fish and idyllic weather. Our base is located at Nanny Cay on the island of Tortola.

Slow Paced, friendly and easily accessible, the BVI is "one of nature's little secrets."