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The Wreck of the R.M.S. Rhone - Salt Island
Certainly the most popular and well known of all BVI dive sites, the Royal Mail Steamer "Rhone" was the setting for the hit movie "The Deep", starring Nick Nolte and Jacqueline Bissett. The wreck itself is fascinating to explore with parts of her still in tact.

The Rhone foundered during a hurricane and is lying in depths from 20 to 80 feet. She is colourfully decorated by a wide variety of corals and is home to several resident barracuda, sea turtles, stingrays, angelfish, yellowtail snappers and many other varieties of fish life visit the Rhone. This is a "must see" for all levels of scuba divers!.

The Indians - Off Norman Island
Whether scuba diving or snorkeling, the Indians are a favourite for all ages and abilities! This marvelously unique rock formation, looms out of the water from a depth of approximately 10ft to 50ft and features a tunnel which divers (with scuba equipment) may pass through to the other side. There is a spectacular variety of corals at the Indians as well as an abundance of reef fish.

Rainbow Canyons - Pelican Island
This is an ideal dive site for beginner and advanced scuba divers and has a spectacular array of coral formations. Rainbow Canyons ranges in depth from 20 to 60 feet and is home to several colonies of garden eels, a huge variety of reef fish and several nurse sharks as well! Don't miss the Rainbow Canyons when you dive the BVI.

Angelfish Reef - Norman Island
Angelfish reef runs from 30 to 80 foot depths and is exposed to the open, Caribbean Sea. As a result, it is frequented by several large and impressive, deep water species such as eagle rays and southern stingrays. The sparkling white, sandy bottom at The reef is host to many bottom dwellers including snake eels and Moray eels.

Painted Walls - Deadchest Island (weather permitting)
It would seem as though an artist of the impressionist era had plied their skills at Painted Walls! The walls where two, underwater valleys converge are teaming in colourful sponges as well as soft and hard corals, looking remarkably similar to an artist's pallet! The main inhabitants at Painted Walls are nurse sharks, barracuda and lobsters. This BVI dive site with depths of 30 to 50 feet is a great for beginner and advanced divers.

Blonde Rock - Between Salt Island and Peter Island (weather permitting)
This spectacular, underwater amphitheater, which lies between 20 and 60 feet deep, features both large and small overhangs. There is a wide and colourful variety of coral formations and you may occasionally glimpse some sea turtles, sharks and rays of various species along with lobsters, crabs and conch.

Wreck Alley - Cooper Island
Wreck diving enthusiasts will be thrilled to explore three wrecks in a row lying in 50 to 80 feet of water, on a sandy bottom and right next to a mini wall! Plenty of stingrays and a great opportunity for spectacular, underwater photography.

Carrot Shoal - Between Peter & Norman Island (weather permitting)
Probably one of the more amazing night dive sites to be found anywhere, this oval-shaped reef formation is 20 to 60 feet deep and boasts resident sea turtles, beautiful French angelfish, nurse sharks and more.

Santa Monica Rock - Off Norman Island (weather permitting)
A truly spectacular dive site and one of our favourites! The site ranges in depth from 20 to 100 feet. The underwater topography is made up of a series of rocky pinnacles, some rising to just 10 feet below the surface. At Santa Monica Rock, you may have the opportunity to see reef sharks, sea turtles and eagle rays among others.

Thumb Rock - Off Cooper Island
Off Cooper Island is this intriguing rock formation which, oddly enough resembles its name, attracts a wide variety of fish life including; tarpon, queen angelfish, French angelfish and the odd sea horse has been spotted here from time to time! Depth ranges from 40ft to 70ft.

Alice in Wonderland
This beautiful dive site is located in South Bay on Ginger island it ranges in depth from 40ft to 100ft, there are amazing �mushroom shaped coral formations throughout this dive thus the name.It is often frequented by spotted eagle rays, spade fish and stingrays. We have also seen the occasional Caribbean reef shark swimming along the reefs edge.

Ginger Patches
Ginger Patches is located on the north side of Ginger island, it starts off in about 20 ft of water and slowly descends down to a depth of 70ft, it is a good alternate dive for Alice in Wonderland if the weather is rough. It has a spectacular array of coral in the shallow depths, lots of nooks and crannys for crabs and lobsters.

We Be Divin' Dive Sites

Blonde Rock

Two Divers and Sponge
Divers descend from their boat onto a coral encrusted plateau at about 30' (10m). From there you swim over the plateau lip and descend into a maze of shadowed overhangs, narrow passages and eroded coral. This is a favourite spot for our numerous sea turtle population. With a very neat tunnel and a beautiful rainbow arch Blonde rock rates as one of our favourites.

Alice In Wonderland
Perhaps our best coral dive, you will be carried away to fairytail seascapes of huge mushroom coral, narrow twisting channels and beautiful cascading drapery coral. Though as deep as 65' (22m) the best coral is in 45' (15m) so there is nice light and lots of air for a long dive. You may not see the Yellow Brick Road but you will feel like you are swimming through Oz.

Rainbox Canyons
Located at Pelican Rock, Rainbow Canyons is indeed a rainbow of colourful fish and coral. Weaving through a maze of small canyons and huge coral heads you will marvel at nature's smorgasborg that she dishes up for your visual pleasure. At 35' to 55' (11m to 18m) this is a dive that novices and experienced divers alike will enjoy and remember.

Marie L. & Pat
These twin wrecks resting against one another on a white sand bottom at 80' (26m) make for an interesting dive. From a lush coral reef at 35' (12m) you gently decend to 55' (18m) which then drops down a wall to the sand bottom. Emerging from the misty haze of these azure waters, the rusted hulls of these derelicts mysteriously appear. Similarly the thousands of tiny garden eels buried in the surrounding sands disappear upon approach and then silently reappear as you glide past. We can almost guarantee that you will see the sand covered outlines and bulging eyes of at least one stingray upon your visit to the Marie L. and Pat.

Dry Rocks East

BVI Ledge
This somewhat unusual dive is quite shallow at 25' to 35' (8m to 12m) as you circumnavigate these boulders rising to just above the surface. Washed by a constant but gentle current, Dry Rocks is the home to much unusual marine life. Huge clams, large southern lobsters and slipper lobsters (protected by our National Parks Trust) call Dry Rocks home. Often Morays will be seen with their heads protruding from their darkened home. Frequently, sleepy and largely passive, nurse sharks bask in the shade under the huge boulders.

M/V Inganess Bay
Crushed upon the rocky shores of Road Harbour during Hurricane Bertha, the BVI Dive Operators' Association cleaned and then towed the stricken vessel to it's current resting spot on the white sandy bottom between Salt and Cooper Islands. At 80' (26m) the Inganess Bay is a fun wreck where you can swim through the bridge, cargo holds or play with the giant loading cranes.
PLEASE - speak to us about your diving pleasures and we will endeavor to advise you of other great dive sites that you might like to visit.

BVI Scuba Co.Jost Van Dyke Scuba & BVI Scuba Co

Wayward Wall, Jost Van Dyke
This is a great site for new divers as well as for the more experienced divers that need a little refresher to get their confidence back up. This coral covered mini-wall is the perfect place to see over 40 different varieties of reef fish. In fact, it is also a sight used by the BVI Fisheries & Conservation Department to tag endangered sea turtles.

There are at least five resident turtles that call the this reef home, so the odds are GREAT for an encounter! No currents, deep drops, and protected in all weather conditions, the Wayward Wall is a easy relaxing dive that makes everyone smile. Maximum depth is 65 feet, but a majority of the diving we do here is in the 35-50 feet range.

Stoney Bay / AKA Soft Coral Gardens, Jost Van Dyke
Just West of the Wayward Wall the drop levels out into a sloping reef. This site holds many grottos and ledges as well that are home to lobsters and crabs. Juvenile Reef fish are abundant on this site and passing Eagle Rays are usually seen cruising by. A fun dive site that is considered Beginner Level. Maximum depth 45 feet.

No Man's Land, offshore site
This is a series of offshore pinnacles in the open blue water west of Jost Van Dyke. Capt. Colin discovered these pinnacles and they are remarkably NOT on any nautical chart! Sharks are commonplace on this dive as well as a variety of other surprises. Advanced site. Max depth 90 ft done as a multi-level dive to extend bottom time.

The Cathedral, Jost Van Dyke
Imagine swimming through an underwater tunnel only to surface INSIDE of the island of Jost Van Dyke. The ceiling is 75 feet high inside this secret cave and you will find yourself right in a National Geographic moment! This dive also encompasses painted corals walls as you swim through shallow canyons carved out of the rocks by millennia of sea. Vivid colors of sponges and soft coral adorn these painted walls. Schooling tarpon and over 90 species of fish have been recorded at this shallow water site. 45ft Max depth.

The Playground, Green Cay
Voted in 2004 as the number one Big Animal Dive in the BVI by Sport Diver magazine! This is a National Park zone that is known to be one of the best dive sites in the BVI without a doubt! This Atlantic site is quite large and can actually be made into two separate dives.

A knowledgeable Divemaster guide is necessary or you will not find the site from the buoy. Seamount style large boulders create the perfect environment for a large variety of diverse fish life. Excellent corals. Passing pelagics, Atlantic Manta Rays, and Spotted Eagle Rays are common. 70 ft max depth; however, most of the dive is 25-35 ft.

Mercurious Rock, offshore cave system
Considered one of the hardest to find sites in the BVI. We go right to it every time with no GPS! Mercurious Rock is another open water dive and can only be done in good wind sea conditions. This seamount rises out of the depths and hosts a wonderful display of soft corals and several caves and caverns.

Large groupers, hogfish snappers, lobsters, nurse sharks, and an unusual variety of invertebrates in the caves. Photographers anddiscriminating divers choose this site over and over again. 0 ft max depth.Twin Towers,Pelican Cay/Little JVD. The name of this site was established 20 years ago for the two monolithic sized boulders lying on the sand bottom at 86 ft. Magnificent dive where anything can swim by.

During the winter we hear the songs of the Humpback Whales as they vinrate through our chests! Wonderful corals and typically there are large schools of Silversides being patrolled by tarpon, jacks, cero's, and yellowtail. 86 ft max depth done as a multi-level dive.

The Pyramids
Several pyramid shaped seamounts rise up from the depths on this dive. Action packed variety of marine life is guaranteed! Hard and soft coral gardens are unlimited. Sea turtles, sharks, large schools of fish are common. Weather dependant site. 70 ft max as a first dive or 50 feet as a second/multi-level.

UBS Dive Center

As of November 2009, all certified divers, snorkelers and day trippers who would like a personalized photo record of their day out with UBS can receive a photo montage taken with our Sea Life cameras from above and below the surface. We'll put your photos on disc and send them to your home address for just $50 (inclusive of disc and shipping costs).

Or if you are starting your trip from the dive center, we will download them when you return so you can take them away with you, for just $40. They say a picture is equal to a thousand words - what better way to remember the best day of your vacation! Just let us know you are interested when you make your reservation.